Al-Monsef Car Rental
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+971 56 279 4513 +971 56 281 9313
Al-Monsef Car Rental

Upon receiving the car, the Renter agrees to inspect it for cleanliness and good condition. A fine of AED 100-500 applies for unclean cars or unacceptable odors, depending on the condition.

The Renter must return the vehicle to Al Monsef Car Rental in the same condition. Missing or damaged items will incur charges.

A security deposit of AED 1000 AED is required, refundable after 25 days from the return date.

The Renter authorizes Al Monsef Car Rental to deduct traffic fines, toll fees, and related costs. Additional charges apply for black points fines.

Al Monsef Car Rental may recall a vehicle at any time, and the Renter must cooperate.

Al Monsef Car Rental is not responsible for personal belongings left in the vehicle.

Vehicles may only be driven within the geographical boundaries of the United Arab Emirates.

The rented vehicle must be returned with the same fuel level. Fuel charges may apply if lower.

The Renter is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is not damaged or tampered with. Charges apply for missing or damaged items.

Daily rental charges are calculated on a 24-hour basis.

Monthly rental is calculated on a thirty (30) days rental period.

Early return for monthly rental cancels the monthly rate plan; daily rate applies.

Fines must be paid within 24 hours, with administration fees and VAT per fine.

Invoices are available upon request.

AED 5 per toll gate crossing for SALIK charges.

The vehicle requires servicing every 10,000 km or 6 months.

The Renter is responsible for vehicle breakdown repairs and daily rental charges.

In case of an accident where the Renter is at fault, a deductible of AED 1,500 applies without SCDW.

For any accident, a police report is mandatory. Failure to submit incurs repairing and rental charges.

Renter under 24 years or with a driving license under 1 year pays an insurance excess.

Minor accidents require a mandatory police report, covered by SCDW.

SCDW does not include windshields, tires, and tools. Renter bears the full repair cost.

The Renter must report mechanical failures or damage promptly.

The Renter is responsible for replacing a punctured tire with the spare.

The Renter is liable for repairing a vehicle damaged due to operating with a flat tire.

Off-road and rash driving are not allowed; insurance voids if violated.

Third-party repairs without consent are not allowed.

Charges for lost keys range from AED 1,000 to AED 3,000.

Only drivers listed on the contract are allowed to drive the vehicle.

The Renter is accountable for accidents or damages due to driving under the influence.

Vehicles are only insured for driving on paved roads within the UAE.

If impounded, the Renter pays impounding charges and daily rental charges.

Al-Monsef Car Rental